Fly Your Legal know-how to the cloud

If studying law doesn't stop after your garduation
why not prepare for the long game today?


Legalkite is your annotated collection of laws where you can define legal concepts, store court decisions along with summaries, quote authors, lay out legal reasonings, create cross references between articles of law or annotations


Your data is in goods hands. It is stored on a Swiss cloud with very high attention for security and data protection.


You can create groups and exchange your knowledge with your peers.

  • Annotate all the Swiss federal laws
  • Associate tags to retrieve your annotations easily
  • Attach files
  • Create cross references
  • Export your annotations as annotated laws and print them or use them offline
  • Access public annotations of your peers
  • Create groups and learn in small teams
  • Generate legal quizzes and revision cards from your annotations and share those with your peers
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Legalkite will remain free until the end of September 2022. The pricing as of Otober is expected to be in the CHF 10-15/month range.

For more info, feel free to contact us.

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